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Commercial Flushometer Services

Commercial Flushometer Services in New Jersey

Savvy business owners and managers know that keeping restrooms operational for the comfort of customers and employees is extremely important. Flushometers offer a more powerful and reliable flushing system for commercial grade toilets. They clog less often than residential gravity flush toilets and are more tamper-proof. Your Command Plumbing plumber can maintain, repair and install Flushometer toilet and urinal systems for your business.
Large commercial buildings, retailers, schools and restaurants tend to get lots of bathroom traffic that can put wear and tear on plumbing fixtures, including heavy duty Flushometer flushing systems. Flushometers create a powerful bowl-clearing flush that rarely allows for clogs. In addition, because the water flow is metered. Flushometer equipped toilets tend to clog less than tank-type toilets but when they do clog, most laypersons don’t understand how to fix them. But your Command Plumbing plumber can.
Hands-Free Flushing
Hand-free Flushometer systems are a popular option in public restrooms. Command Plumbing can install motion activated Flushometers to existing commercial grade toilets and urinals. Customers and employees like hands-free systems and the toilets will flush themselves to create a cleaner, better smelling restroom environment.