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Commercial Sink Maintenance

Commercial Sink Maintenance in New Jersey

Do you work in a business with a kitchen, food preparation area or food processing facility? If so, you’re well aware of how different the sinks in your business are than those in your home. Commercial sinks are used much more often than residential ones and for many different reasons, and when they aren’t draining properly it can take a toll on your business. If your commercial sink drains start to back up, it’s likely caused by grease and organic matter buildup in your drain lines or grease trap. If you’re noticing issues with your commercial sink drains, Command Plumbing and drain experts can clean them or repair whatever damage is causing the issue.

It’s also important for you to maintain your commercial sinks by keeping that buildup at bay.

Command Plumbing Total C Treatment provides ongoing drain maintenance. The environmentally friendly product is pumped into your drain lines on a pre-programmed schedule, cutting buildup and maintaining the proper drain flow. The treatment even helps reduce odors!

No matter what your commercial sewer drain issue may be, Command Plumbing is available to help you diagnose and fix the problem – fast!

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