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Drain Cleaning

Best Drain Cleaning Services in New Jersey

A slow drain of the sink or tub can be very annoying. You are taking a bath in a shower and suddenly you notice that your tub is filled with water. Isn’t this situation making you feel frustrated? Yes! But don’t worry we have the best solutions for you that can help you to unclog the drains. You can go for the best Drain Cleaning Services in New Jersey to get the most effective solution to your problem

Try the Bent Wire Hanger Trick

This is the simplest solution you can try to unclog the drain. Bent Wire Hanger trick works best to clear the shower and bathtub hair clogs. With this trick, you are actually dislodging the gunk or hair and pulling the stuff out of the drain. Carefully try this solution and do not force or flange the wire hardly down in the pipe as this can damage the trap. Take a straight wire and make a small hook at one end of the wire. Keep running the wire up and down to hook the hair or gunk causing drain clogging.

Clear the Trap

Clearing the trap can be a very effective solution if the trap can be accessed easily and the clog is restricted just to a single drain. This can help you to clear the grease and dirt caused due to the design of the trap. So clear the trap and get rid of this problem through an easy fix. All you have to do is to remove slacken 2 slip joint nuts and then slip the ‘J’ bend out. One thing you have to make sure is that you have a bucket to clean the dirt or water.

Use the plunger

Another effective solution you can go for is Plunger. The plunger is the most tried and useful tool that every proprietor must have in his plumbing collection. The plunger can help you to clean any type of drain and clogs. Nowadays, different types of Plungers are available in the market, but all of them work in the same manner. One thing you have to take care of is that the plunger portion is properly plunged. After that, you have to push and pull the plunger for applying the force to the clogged area through water pressure. While using the plunger make sure that you are applying a proper force.

Important – All these tricks are only effective to resolve minor plumbing problems. But if there is some bigger plumbing issue, you need to contact professionals for the best Drain Cleaning Services in New Jersey.

So, whenever the plumbing or draining issues occur, call the expert for best Drain Cleaning Services in New Jersey. Only professionals can provide you with complete details about plumbing issues, the reason behind this problem, how destructive the problem can be. At last, only the professional will suggest the best possible solution to resolve the problem permanently.

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